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Beach Waves


At OVL, we believe in the strength of collaboration. We are delighted to contribute to capacity building through pro bono lectures at your institution or organization. Check out some of our previous lectures and presentations on our free YouTube channel. 

A Wave of Ocean Litigation

Watch Dr. Anna von Rebay, founder of Ocean Vision Legal, discuss the power of legal action for ocean protection at the Our Ocean Conference in Athens. Learn how we're enforcing marine protection obligations and join us in making waves for a sustainable future.

19th April 2024

Ocean Rights: Rights of Marine Wildlife

Michelle Bender recorded a guest lecture for Lewis and Clark Law School's 2024 Aquatic Animal Law course, similar to this presentation. She discusses how Animal Rights, as a part of Rights of Nature, can drive ecosystem restoration, influence fishery management, and protect migratory species. Rights of Marine Species is at the forefront of this development.

08th Jan 2024

Ocean Rights: A Brief Introduction

Michelle Bender briefly introduces Ocean Rights and the Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights initiative. Ocean Vision Legal serves as the central hub for the implementation and enforcement of Ocean Rights, which represents the specific application of RoN within the Ocean policy seascape while directing the legal thought of international recognition of the inherent Rights of the Ocean.

05th Dec 2023

Legal Pathways to Stop Japan from Dumping Nuclear Waste Water into the Ocean under International Law

Our founder, Dr. Anna von Rebay, presented at the Parliament of South Korea on how to Stop Japan from Dumping Fukushima-Nuclear-Waste-Water into the Ocean under International Law.

*Korean Translation*

23th Nov 2023

Whales as Legal Persons: A New Era for Environmental Justice

In this video, Michelle Bender from Ocean Vision Legal explores the movement to grant legal personhood to whales, led by Indigenous peoples from New Zealand, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands. Ralph Chami of Blue Green Future highlights the economic value of whales, advocating for both moral and financial accountability. Learn how advanced technologies like automated visual detection and satellite imaging aid in protecting whales, and discover how this legal shift promotes a sustainable future and global conservation efforts.

May 2024

[8th ICLS] Discussion | Measures such as Area-Based Management Tools, including Marine Protected Areas

[Measures such as Area-Based Management Tools, including Marine Protected Areas] * Moderator - H.E. Judge Thembile Elphus JOYINI | International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea * Speaker 1 - Ms. Renée SAUVÉ | International Oceans Policy, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada * Speaker 2 - Prof. Joanna MOSSOP | Victoria University of Wellington * Discussant 1 - Dr. Anna von REBAY | Ocean Vision Legal * Discussant 2 - Dr. Chang Youl LEE | Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

18th Dec 2023

Rights of Nature Germany (Rechte der Natur in der Rechtspraxis)

Our CEO Anna talks about Rights of Nature (RoN) in Germany form the perspective of a lawyer.

27th Nov 2023
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