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Who We Are

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Anna von Rebay

Founder – Lawyer – Barrister

Dr. Anna von Rebay is the founder of Ocean Vision Legal. Licensed to the bar in Germany, in her law firm, Anna combines her strengths in debating, expertise in litigation and deep passion for the Ocean. Her mission is to safeguard the Ocean through law.

She is a lawyer, barrister and business mediator and solves her cases through expertise, diplomatic skills and a deep passion for the ocean.

+49 151 6778 6007

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Michelle Bender

Legal Counsel

Michelle, a leading expert in Earth law and Rights of Nature (RoN), has contributed to RoN laws globally and founded 'Ocean Rights'. Specializing in sea otter conservation and addressing deep-sea mining threats, she's an advisory board member for the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and was recognized as a top Youth Ocean Leader.

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Ocean Litigation

Lawyer - Barrister

Bettina, a Legal Counsel and Barrister has dedicated her career to marine environmental protection, notably against bottom trawling, by leveraging her international legal experience from law firms and scientific institutions. Holding two German State Examinations, a Master's, a PhD, and membership in the djb – Deutscher Juristinnenbund, she also mentors young female lawyers.

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Junior Associate

Tamara, having completed her legal studies in Germany and a Master's in Public International Law from Utrecht, specializes in the International Law of the Sea and Environmental Law. With a thesis on the Rights of Nature, she's passionate about marine protection. Recently, she's focused on environmental human rights violations, international treaties, and promoting sustainable agricultural food systems.

Ocean Rights
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