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Dr. Anna von Rebay LL.M.

Founder | Lawyer | Barrister
Ambassador for the German Committee of the UN Ocean Decade

Dr. Anna von Rebay is the founder of Ocean Vision Legal, Working in international law firms, Anna has gathered extensive experience in litigation - until she left her job for her passion: Marine Protection.

After finalising her Ph.D. on the Obligation of States to Designate Marine Protected Areas, Anna founded Ocean Vision Legal, the first German law firm specialising in Ocean Litigation. Her mission is to take direct legal actions to hold States and companies liable to protect the ocean efficiently.


She is a lawyer, barrister and business mediator and solves her cases through expertise, diplomatic skills and a deep passion for the ocean. Her specilisation is in international Law of the Sea, EU and German national law.

Anna is admitted to the bar in Germany.

+49 151 6778 6007

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80 cases in company liability lawsuits.

More than 65 oral hearings in courts.

Successful mediation procedures in more than 20 cases.

Currently preparing several international and national lawsuits, inter alia on the prohibition of Bottom Trawling and Deep Sea Mining.


(2023) Ph.D.: The Designation of Marine Protected Areas: A Legal Obligation (magna cum laude).

(2017) Master of Law in Conflict Resolution.

(2017) Admitted to the bar in Germany.

(2014, 2016) First and second legal state examination, Munich (Germany).

(2015) Training as Business Mediator.

( since 2008) NLP Diplomas, Negotiation and Rhethoric Trainings.


Mentor for Young Ocean Advocates for Youth4Ocean Forum (part of the EU4Ocean Coalition).

Teaching at Universities such as the University of Sydney and Auckland and at High Schools on marine protection. Check out out pro bono lectures on our here.


Living in Germany, Australia and Indonesia, Anna volunteers with marine protection organisations, and loves surfing, snorkeling, swimming and spending time in Nature.

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