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Thank You for Your Interest

At Ocean Vision Legal, we're dedicated to protecting and empowering the Ocean. While we are not actively hiring at the moment, we appreciate your interest in our mission.

Please check back later for future opportunities to join our team and make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

Ocean Litigation


Ocean Vision Legal is a dynamic and rapidly growing legal firm exclusively dedicated to Ocean Protection. We believe in harnessing the power of the law to safeguard our planet's most vital ecosystems. With a specialized focus on marine protection law, we are committed to driving positive change and preserving the health and sustainability of the Ocean - for the benefit of the Ocean itself and future generations. If you are a lawyer, law student, or legal professional who wants to leave a mark and make a difference with your job, we invite you to explore our exciting career opportunities in marine protection.

Michelle Bender


As we expand our team, we seek highly qualified lawyers for positions as Associates or Legal Counsel to join us in our mission.

Individuals who are applying must have:

  • Minimum of an LL.M. degree or second German state examination

  • Fluency in both English and German

  • Comprehensive understanding of international public law and the law of the sea

  • Share our deep love for the ocean and strong passion for protecting it

  • If you are applying for (senior) legal counsel, you must have extensive litigation experience.

It would be additionally advantageous if you have experience/special knowledge in:

  • Experience in (Ocean) Litigation or Rights of Nature

  • Knowledge in Deep Sea Mining, Bottom Trawling, MPAs

  • Knowledge/experience with German national and/or European Union Law

Ocean Rights


  • Prepare legal documents and conduct legal research and analysis under the supervision of experienced legal professionals.

  • Dive into cases from day one, taking on meaningful responsibilities and contributing to our legal team's success.

  • Participate in client meetings, gaining valuable experience in client interaction and communication.

  • Work independently and demonstrate excellent work discipline in a remote setting.

  • Collaborate closely with experienced lawyers and legal professionals, receiving mentorship and guidance to enhance your skills and knowledge.

  • Have the opportunity to take on increasing levels of responsibility and shape our firm's future success in protecting the Ocean.

  • It is a dynamic and inclusive work environment without hierarchy, encouraging innovation and collaboration. 

Michelle Bender


Ocean Vision Legal is a young start-up working with NGOs in the field of public interest focused on environmental protection. Our moderate salaries are reflective of this context, but we believe in compensating our team members additionally in other valuable ways:

  • High level of care for our team, fostering a supportive and inclusive team spirit

  • Non-hierarchical structure, valuing every team member equally

  • Cherish the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and offer a 4-day working week and flexible working hours and locations

  • These benefits allow our team members to have more time for personal pursuits and family commitments while still making a meaningful impact through their work at OVL.

Ocean Litigation


  • Student Assistant: This role offers a unique opportunity to support Ocean Vision Legal's mission to protect the Ocean through law at an early career stage. Student Assistants primarily manage our legal library and engage in targeted research, demonstrating independence and excellent organisational skills in a remote work environment. This role allows for flexible scheduling to accommodate academic needs and is an ideal step for those aspiring to become future ocean defenders. The time commitment is 1-2 days per week, with a salary of EUR 14.00 per hour.

  • Internship/Clerkship (Rechtsreferendariat): We welcome and support people in their early careers in becoming future Ocean defenders. Internships/clerkships require a timely commitment of at least three months and 20 hours per week. An exception applies to law students, whose University requires a shorter internship (e.g., one month in Germany). 

  • Junior Associates (0-2 years experience): These are early-career legal professionals who work under the supervision of Senior Associates or Counsels, focusing on smaller research tasks and learning opportunities. Salaries start at USD 54,000/year and increase regularly throughout their time at OVL.

  • Associates (2-4 years experience): Legal professionals with additional experience who are responsible for larger parts of legal assessments and research under supervision. Salaries start at USD 62,000/year and increase regularly throughout your time at OVL.

  • Senior Associates (4-6 years experience): These are experienced legal professionals who take on leadership responsibilities and provide guidance to junior team members. Salaries start at USD 70,000/year and increase regularly throughout your time at OVL.

  • Legal Counsel* (6-8 years experience): These are autonomous legal professionals who manage their cases and contribute to the firm's growth through managerial and business development responsibilities. Salaries start at USD 83,000/year and increase regularly throughout your time at OVL.

  • Senior Legal Counsel(8 years of experience and more): Senior Legal Counsels are the highest position in OVL and are given full trust. They are free to address clients, reach out to funders, and make decisions on their own. They are only supervised by the CEO. Salaries start at USD 94,000/year and increase regularly throughout their time at OVL.

  • *NOTE: (Senior) Legal Counsel: Positions as legal counsels or higher are specifically for our litigation team, and extensive experience and/or special knowledge in Litigation is an application requirement.

Ocean Rights


​We currently have no open positions. Please check back later for updates.

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